By leveraging the metal properties, we forge every project, from simple components to complex structures, thanks to the use of equipment and machines for cutting, forming, welding, and finishing of materials, always ensuring the quality and safety of each product.


Due to its qualities, the metal can require diversified production and assembly processes. As experts in the industry, we provide a wide range of finishing solutions, using innovative systems and technologies and an accurate selection and control of the product.


The quality of products is often determined by the accurate selection of raw materials. For this reason, we want to accurately and carefully select the materials used to create the projects, such as iron, stainless steel, and aluminium plates, considering the context of use and their environmental exposition.


Thanks to the flexible production that characterizes most of our works, we can offer over 500 types of moulds, with different shapes and templates to create objects with varied sizes and scopes of application; so that we can always offer our customers customized projects that fit their needs.

ATEX safety explosion-proof panels

Since 2005, we have widened our business to include a specific department dealing with the production of safety devices, governed by the requirements of the Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX). The explosion-proof (or with breakage protection) panels qualify as leaf-off (or discharge) devices against the excess pressure of pressure equipment, such as silos, channels and pipes, elevators, tank farms. Through the distribution network of our partners EcoTrentino and Verdi Spa, the panels are available in the market in different shapes and sizes.


Customized projects

Each project is the result of the combination of researched and fine-tuned techniques and skills, to meet the needs of various production areas: textile, automotive, interior design. The know-how we developed throughout the years helps us offer a wide range of tailored solutions, developed from the first step of designing the technical drawing, to the assembly and finishing processes, up to the industrialization, to ensure a high-quality product.


Filters, hoods, and intake systems

The main product that stands out in our production in this area is the so-called labyrinth filter, compatible with most hoods and intake systems available in professional kitchens. Thanks to its peculiarities, the filter enables the relevant stuff to perform easy, quick, and efficient maintenance and cleaning procedures. Tecnopress ensures a high performance, which is also guaranteed by the certificate issued by the DMT European entity.


Applications in the automotive industry

Our production flexibility also finds application in the automotive industry. Thanks to our processing skills, we produce structural components and internal aesthetic elements for important vehicle manufacturers, meeting the required standards of resistance and functionality.


Mechanical presses up to 500 tons

Press brakes up to 3400 mm wide

Laser coping machines

Punching machines

Stud pressing machines

Panelling machines


Wire, tig and plasma welding machines

CNC milling machines

Wire EDM

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